The heat is on: Neighbors breath fire over hazardous haze from Indonesia's burning forests

The heat is on: Neighbors breath fire over hazardous haze from Indonesia's burning forests

Tomcats Spotted in Bali and Java

Tomcats Spotted in Bali – One Insect You Don’t Ever Want to Squash

There is something new that has been causing panic around Bali these days and it surprisingly has nothing to do with terrorists being executed on the island or anything of the sort. The Tomcat as it is known in Indonesia (Rove Beetle in English) has been making a guest appearance throughout the archipelago in limited numbers over the past month. While resembling most other insects that you might not bat an eye at, the Tomcat possesses some unique characteristics that you should be watching out for.

John Chang | Chi Healer-Indonesian healer claims to generate energy through his body

An excerpt from chapter three ('East of Krakatoa'), of the documentary 'Ring of Fire: An Indonesian Odyssey'. Watch full documentary here:

Legendary John Chang, shows Chi energy

Papaya Juice - Cure for Dengue

Accordingly it is raw papaya leaves 2 pcs just clean and pound and squeeze
the juice thro cloth filter. You will only get one tablespoon per leaf. So
two tablespoons per serving once a day. No need to boil or cook or rinse
with hot water, it will lose its strength. Only the leafy part has to be
taken, no stem or sap. It is very bitter and you have to swallow it. But
it works wonders!!!!

Papaya Juice - Cure for Dengue

You may have heard this elsewhere, but if not, I am glad to inform you that
papaya juice is a natural cure for dengue fever. As dengue fever is rampant

Dengue fever outbreak hits Yogyakarta 2008

YOGYAKARTA: At least 124 people were treated at Sardjito Hospital in Yogyakarta for dengue fever from January to Feb. 10, with one death.

Hospital spokesman Trisno Heru Nugroho said the number of patients was expected to continue rising, a situation he blamed on poor sanitation in the city.

Heru said the hospital had treated 78 dengue fever patients as of last week, but the number jumped to 124 within days.

"Within one week there were 46 additional dengue fever patients being treated at the hospital," he said.

Eliminate dengue

Eliminate dengue

February 19, 2014

As the clean-up of volcanic ash continues across Yogyakarta, we have paused the release of Wolbachia mosquitoes in our Nogotirto and Kronggahan trial sites for one week.

Mt Kelud – an active volcano approximately 200km from Yogyakarta – erupted on Thursday, 13th February, spreading ash across the island of Java. The governor of Yogyakarta declared a state of emergency for one week, and many schools, universities and government facilities remained closed for this time.

Dengue outbreak in Yogyakarta 2013

Google translation:

Dengue outbreak in Yogyakarta
TEMPO.CO - 9 hours ago

TEMPO.CO, Yogyakarta-Entire villages in Yogyakarta declared dengue endemic status. Status turned Yogyakarta has bagged five years ago. »Said endemic, because each one village there are more than two cases of dengue fever," said the Head of Disease Prevention Department of Health DIY, Ahmad Akhadi, Gowongan Inn Hotel Yogyakarta, Thursday, February 21, 2013.