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Süchtige Kinder: Dihan, 6 Jahre alt, Raucher

Viele Indonesier fangen schon als Grundschüler an zu rauchen. Die Fotoreporterin Michelle Siu hat die Kinder porträtiert.

Indonesischen Kollektiv KUNCI in Yogyakarta

Curating Under Pressure III
Der Tanz von Theorie und Praxis

Located in Yogyakarta, Kollektiv KUNCI

Syafiatudina, Mitglied des indonesischen Kollektivs KUNCI, im Gespräch mit Susanne Boecker

In jüngster Zeit sind zahlreiche Biennalen unter politischen Druck geraten, viele haben finanzielle oder auch strukturelle Probleme. Kuratoren von Biennalen und anderen Kunst-Institutionen müssen lernen, mit dem Wandel umzugehen und in Situationen, in denen sich vieles ändert, entsprechende Projekte entwickeln. Das ist eine große Herausforderung.

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Avani battles against plastic waste


Avani is social enterprise based in Bali, Indonesia, the epicenter of the battle against plastic waste. Assumed by most as a tropical island paradise with pristine white sand beaches, the truth is that Bali's beaches are now often saturated with garbage and debris, and the majority of this trash is plastic. We aim to help rehabilitate the island by offering sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives to hazardous products that locals and tourists use every day.


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Public whipping of a women

Place unknown, probably in Indonesia, in Aceh.

Robert Jelinek - Indo Visions

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Introduction by Robert Jelinek

The Instrument Builders Project

The Instrument Builders Project at the National Gallery of Victoria

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NGV Studio hosts the first Australian iteration of The Instrument Builders Project (IBP), an experimental collaborative project between Australian and Indonesian artists and musicians curated by Kristi Monfries and Joel Stern.

Indonesian startup Mycotech from Bandung

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By researching and producing composite building materials from vegetable waste using low technology that bind with mushroom mycielia, we address a range of economic, environmental and socio-cultural issues, bring together material and bio-engineers and architects, and propagate an integrated system of crop cultivation and crop waste management. We promote a multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving that ensures a transfer of knowledge across various disciplines in an investigative framework.