The Instrument Builders Project

The Instrument Builders Project at the National Gallery of Victoria

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NGV Studio hosts the first Australian iteration of The Instrument Builders Project (IBP), an experimental collaborative project between Australian and Indonesian artists and musicians curated by Kristi Monfries and Joel Stern.

Health and safety information in case of ash fall

DOWNLOAD 1) Volcanic health hazards of ash explained___Health_Guidelines_English

DOWNLOAD 2) How to prepare and cope with ash fall.___Preparedness_Guidelines_English

Extension of cultural social visa ONLY

Immigration in Yogyakarta

SAS does not take any responsibility for any penalties you need to pay by overstaying.

Extension of cultural social visa ONLY!!

At SAS Ms.Lashita can help you with the necessary SAS documents by obtaining them for you.
If you need accompany to the immigration office you have to pay Lashita a fee.

SAS documents you need
3 Letters from SAS
One of the 3 letters needs a stamp
1 ID copy of Dyah
1 Passport copy of Dyah

The Contemporary Wayang Archive

The Contemporary Wayang Archive (CWA) is a collection of re-elaborations of Java's oldest performance tradition: wayang kulit. This archive includes performance data, translations, and notes by the editors and translators of how the performances were received in their original context.

the Dalang - the puppeteer in an Indonesian wayang performance

from - reference WIKIPEDIA

The dhalang or dalang (Javanese: dhalang; Indonesian and Malay: dalang) is the puppeteer in an Indonesian wayang performance.


A short introduction to Wayang Kulit - from - reference

Wayang kulit (literally “leather puppets”) is one of the oldest and most important performance traditions of Southeast Asia. It is found in different parts of Java and Bali (Indonesia), as well as Malaysia. Javanese wayang kulit, the focus of this archive, is intimately connected to the cultural life of Java and it is closely linked to traditional dance, architecture and textile art. Wayang kulit has also shaped literature and contemporary art.

Child labor in East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara

A young girl ties tobacco leaves onto sticks to prepare them for curing in East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. © 2015 Marcus Bleasdale for Human Rights Watch

Of the products we use, wear, or consume every day, how many are made with child labor? Perhaps quite a few. A new report from the US Department of Labor identifies 148 different consumer goods produced with child or forced labor around the world. The list includes clothing, beef, sugar, bricks, coffee, and other products originating from 76 countries.